10.00 am Update 27th December 2014

Tomorrows Walk Postponed until Sunday 4th January 2015.

I have just spoken with Andrew at the Gate Inn.

The road conditions are such that tomorrows walk will have to be postponed.

Snowdon Lane (top road in the area of the Inn at Troway (Blackamoor) & Wards Garden Centre has not be cleared or gritted and is covered with 3 inches of compacted snow.

The lane down to the Gate Inn has not been cleared or gritted and the snow is boot high.

Only large four wheel drive vehicles are moving about.

Some sunny spells are forecast for tomorrow.

Anyone who wants to walk to the Gate will be most welcome as always.

Let’s hope the situation improves by next Sunday for what will be our first Gate Inn Walk of 2015.

Cheers – Bob.