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August Bank Holiday Walk

Gate Inn Calendar 2018 Posted on Tue, August 28, 2018 08:23:21

Bob, leading the way on a lovely walk.

Dog fun

Just a few photos from the many I took but a few more to come

our walk to The Gate in the snow

Gate Inn Calendar 2018 Posted on Fri, March 16, 2018 21:33:52

During the recent snowy weather we braved the artic conditions to go for a pint at The Gate. Our first stop was The Travellers where Lauren warned us against going down Red Lane, did we listen? Obviously not and although it was a bit treacherous underfoot we got there and were smiling.

Cultural revolution

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Mon, December 24, 2012 11:26:36

Although The Gate at Troway is the best traditional country pub we know it is great to see that Andrew and Kay are not resting on their laurels.

They have brought the pub twisting and jiving into the 21 st Century with their groovy and hip, avant-garde coffee making machine.

Many regulars have already been tempted to switch from their usual tipple to experience this new sensation, some, like newly appointed Gate Coven novice, Mary “I trained to be a Nun when I was young” Lukins pushed the boundaries further with her “Baileys fuelled Latte” saying ” this is luverley, and I don’t get drunk on Baileys !”

Regulars and guests don’t have to worry though, Andrew and Kay assure me that they will keep selling beer for the foreseeable future and as yet there are no plans for bistro style tables in the bar or for a continental pavement cafe culture evolving on Troway High St.

Great pub and great people, that doesn’t change!

Mary and Neil

They will have to change the website now though to “no food “instead ofno food tea or coffee”

Lynn’s Birthday bash

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Sun, April 29, 2012 11:09:58

Last week was Lynn’s Birthday so a “lady’s only celebration took place with beer and curry in Dronfield, finishing at the Gate. Lynn was so overcome with emotion that it was hard for her to keep her food down.

A few days later the following conversation took place outside Morrison’s

Lynn ” waaii aaaiii Neil. Did Mary tell yuzz ow drunk a wuz on me burthday neet oot? ”

Neil ” she didn’t need to Lynn. I picked you up from the Gate and took you all home.”

Lynn ” oo a thort we went oom in a taxi”


GENT 2011

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Fri, April 13, 2012 00:13:46

Here are some of our pictures from the Gate trip to Gent in Sept 2011. We were blessed with the warmest September in Andrew’s memory, which meant we had to drink a little more than usual.

FANTASTIC – looking forward to York 2012

History made at Becky’s 40th

Gate Inn Calendar 2011 Posted on Mon, January 24, 2011 20:10:16

Another fun packed afternoon at the Gate yesterday celebrating Becky’s40th. As usual lots of merriment. Becky , still a young 40 showed us all photos that just goes to prove that fashion hasn’t changed much over the years.

As an added bonus after copious amounts of ale, wine and lager were consumed the ladies stole the day with the inaugural GATE BRA & PANTIES CHARITY RUN.

This spectacular and spontaneous event raised £60.54 for charity and it has been donated to the Cavendish Cancer Care Centre today. The cavendish centre supports people with cancer and their families. Hopefully this will be an annual event on the closest Sunday to Becky’s birthday. Even if its a little cheeky.

Unfortunately it was all a little too much for Andrew who had to take some protection and have a little lie down.

But the lady’s took the day even if they were a bit giddy.

Mary and Neil