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Cultural revolution

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Mon, December 24, 2012 11:26:36

Although The Gate at Troway is the best traditional country pub we know it is great to see that Andrew and Kay are not resting on their laurels.

They have brought the pub twisting and jiving into the 21 st Century with their groovy and hip, avant-garde coffee making machine.

Many regulars have already been tempted to switch from their usual tipple to experience this new sensation, some, like newly appointed Gate Coven novice, Mary “I trained to be a Nun when I was young” Lukins pushed the boundaries further with her “Baileys fuelled Latte” saying ” this is luverley, and I don’t get drunk on Baileys !”

Regulars and guests don’t have to worry though, Andrew and Kay assure me that they will keep selling beer for the foreseeable future and as yet there are no plans for bistro style tables in the bar or for a continental pavement cafe culture evolving on Troway High St.

Great pub and great people, that doesn’t change!

Mary and Neil

They will have to change the website now though to “no food “instead ofno food tea or coffee”

Will You Sponsor Lauren Browes for the Festive Walk

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Fri, December 21, 2012 18:21:02

Lauren will be walking the Festive Walk on the 27th December 2012 to raise much needed funds for the RSPCA.

She has been in touch with the RSPCA and has all the approriate forms, you can help by kindly sponsoring her.

Cheers – Bob Simpson

P.S. Lauren put me down for a fiver.

Festive Walk Thursday 27th December 2012

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Sun, December 09, 2012 10:08:43

This year our Festive Walk will be on Thursday 27th December and details can be seen below. All are most welcome.

Andy & Kay.

Walk Sunday 4th November

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Tue, October 23, 2012 10:08:55

All are welcome on our next walk in the Moss Valley.

Those who fancy a shorter walk are welcome to join us at the Bridge Inn about 12.45 pm for a drink and then the walk back up to the Gate Inn.

Cheers – Bob.

Weekend in York 13/15th October

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Tue, October 23, 2012 09:58:17

An excellent weekend.

Is it back to York next year or a return to Ghent?

Neil’s 50th Sunday 7th October

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Mon, October 22, 2012 21:43:52

Neil enjoyed the day and so did his family and guests. Judge for yourself from a selection of the images.

Marrow Competition 2012

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Sun, October 07, 2012 09:28:28

Whilst the take up on plants in the early summer was good, the growing conditions for marrows this year have been poor, consequently and regrettably the competition for 2012 has been cancelled due to insufficient marrows.

All those who purchased plants will be entitled to complementary ones next year.

Apologies to all.

Andy & Kay

A Real Country Pub Night With Harthill Morris

Gate Inn Calendar 2012 Posted on Sat, September 08, 2012 14:44:57

This was an excellent night. A little dark on the car park to capture the dancing, but managed to get a few stills.

The group then moved inside the Inn for a spontaneous evening of music, singing and laughter.

Click on the Gate Inn sign below to view our Utube video.

Cheers – Bob.

Photos & video now added to the Gate Inn Gallery where they can be viewed as a slide show click this link to visit:

Bob – 13.09.2012

For more information about Harthill Morris visit:

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